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Some frequently asked questions from our frequently awesome customers:


q. How is shipping cost decided?

a. To provide the cheapest and most reliable shipping options, we use USPS Priority Mail flat rate envelopes. This keeps costs fair and streamlined across the board for all of our customers. You can check their rates out yourself here.

We also include on a small handling fee because tape and time ain't free.


q. How long does shipping take?

a. Domestic shipping takes about 1-3 business days, and international usually takes 8-10 business days.


q. I freaking LOVE my new swag! How do I tell you guys?

a. Tag us on Instagram showing your stuff off: @EverydayProductions


q. What is your exchange/return policy?

a. Because we are such a small operation, we CANNOT accommodate exchanges. We want everyone to be happy and comfortable in their Everyday gear, so please double-check the sizing charts to ensure that the size you’re ordering will fit correctly.

However, if you receive your order and then think, "Nah, this wasn't quite for me," then no worries! Just shoot us an e-mail (contact page) and we'll get things sorted out. 


q. You didn't answer my question, now what? 

a. We've got you covered--> Contact


As always, we thank you in advanced for your flexibility, as we are not a huge retailer like Wal-mart. (Thankfully so.) Your patience is *oh* so appreciated. Thank you! <3