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2 Blessed 2 B Stressed Playlist

Posted by Ethan Hethcote on

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  • Hello guysss, I love your videos and everything that you do, it really changed my mind since I saw both of you, thank you so much for being soo positive and awesome.

    See ya, love ya, byessss.

    Rafa on

  • You have no idea how much I’ve needed new music from people I trust to have good taste so I can work without my mind getting stuck on the lyrics of the stuff I already know!

    Thanks guys! Nottingham, UK

    Gosha on

  • I love this playlist with a passion! Your taste in music much resembles mine. This playlist was so elaborately compiled and pulled me out of a dark pit that I’ve been in for a while. For that, I thank you :)

    Hugs, Inspiration, and Laughter all the way from Olney, Maryland!

    Alex Wilson on

  • So Glad this one was posted pulled me right out of a off mood. great job ethan and mark.

    Robert on

  • Loved the playlist!! Big fan of you guys. Hugs and kisses from Monterrey, Mexico

    Isabel on

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