Ugo Bars

Ethan Hethcote



What are UGo Bars: Hand-crafted, vegan, non-GMO, Gluten-Free snack bars. UGo Bars are our friends. We met them while we were living in Bloomington, IN and fell in love with their bars and their mission.


The Connection: While Mark was working in our old studio one day, he met a new neighbor named Rebecca. She had just started renting the studio down the hall from us and was moving in. She dropped off a few of her bars to say hello, which were quickly gone in an hour.

The more we got to know about Rebecca and her company, we realized that UGo Bars is more than just a delicious and healthy snack bar. Their mission is a big one: fighting against food deserts in both urban and rural areas, while providing simple nutrition awareness. Rebecca and her co-founder, Tracy, are not shy about speaking up on issues, especially when it comes to promoting equality, rights, and education. 


The Collaboration: We became so enamored by UGo Bars' product and story that we knew we wanted to help spread the word. As a local business in a small Indiana community, they had grown their customer base organically- in coffee shops, local co-ops, and mainly word of mouth. But we felt that the best part of their brand, the passion behind their product, was going unnoticed. So when Rebecca came to us to help her market the bars, we knew just what was needed:



And we didn't stop there. Moving forward, UGo Bars began growing so quickly that they needed to expand their infrastructure to meet demands. So, they developed a Kickstarter campaign to crowdsource the funds to do so. Their goal: $40,000 in 30 days. To help, Rebecca came back to us and asked for another video to supplement the Kickstarter. Our answer: yes, of course! Jump to the 30th day of their campaign and they not only met their goal, but exceeded it by over $1,000! It was a truly wonderful experience to work with such an earnest, inspired company that also makes a uniquely incredible product.



UGo bars asks, "Where Will UGo Today?" because they know, "Everyday is a Great Day!"  It's up to each of us to make the most of it! 
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*NOTE All orders must be placed on the UGo Bars website.