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Everyday Adventure Treats

Posted by Ethan Hethcote on

Here at Everyday, we believe an adventurer is only so good as the treats that fuel them, so we partnered up to make our own!

As we strive to make the most of every great day, we've decided to continue our mission of producing products we believe in start to finish to the food space. We have been working closely with our friends over at Everyday Adventure Treats to create what we think are the best snack bars on Earth.

We first met Rebecca when we were still in Bloomington, IN. We rented a 300-square-foot studio in an old building, and one day a quirky girl with great style knocked on our door. She had just rented an even smaller room down the hall and she wanted to share with us one of her snack bars that her company makes. Little did anyone of us know at the time just how significant that moment would be.

From the moment we first bit into one of those bars, we were sold. Not only were they handcrafted and deliciously satisfying, but they were also without ANY of the fillers and preservatives that are common in most all other snack bars. Each ingredient serves a specific nutritional purpose, and it's a difference you can see and taste. (And, as if that's not enough, they are also vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and made from mostly organic ingredients.)

Cut to 3 years (and many adventures together) later, and we've decided to official partner together to get these products out to as many people as possible. After months of preparing, we're so excited to finally launch our all-new Everyday Adventure Treats!

But what makes Everyday Adventure Treats the best snack bars on Earth?

Made by a great team in Bloomington, IN, these bars are made daily, by hand in small batches, to provide a uniqueness you won't find anywhere else in this snack market. Each bar has a 3-month shelf life to ensure premium quality and maximum nutrition benefits. Grocery stores have become saturated by bars that last a year, and sit in a warehouse for months before even hitting store shelves. Made fresh to order, Rebecca's team has creatively innovated a way to keep up with demand without using machines, employing real people at every step. 

We love these bars and know you will too. Get a box for yourself today! 

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  • I’m gonna have to go buy myself a box now! Proud of you boys!

    Ivan Garcia on

  • I cannot wait to buy the full box of them to share with my friends! This is truly amazing :D

    Javiar Ramirez on

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