Mark Miller

Dark green arrows lined the property. Rows and rows of them, perfectly aligned like soldiers. Spread across 65 acres, 4,000 pine trees stood tall. My friend's parents hand-planted them 15 years ago when they were building a house. I remember the first time we played in them- like a movie, an elaborate maze just for us. I was only 12 at the time, but I was captivated by the patterns and colors. 
Fast forward to last summer, I was 23 and still mesmerized by those deep shades of green. I was following several Pacific Northwest blogs including A Restless Transplant, ran by Foster Hunting, a photographer from Portland. Foster and his friends built two tree houses on the Columbia River George, a canyon of the Columbia River in the PNW. Their stories inspired our next adventure. 
In July Ethan and I bought two tickets to Seattle, WA. We crashed with our friend Andy and explored for eight days. We ate lots of food, had a meet-up at the EMP Museum, and went to a Japanese Fish Garden. We feel in love with the city: the mountains, the water, the forests, and the people. Last month I took a solo trip to Seattle in search of my purpose in life (I found a cheap flight). 
Before I left, I reached out to Miir, a bike, bottle, and bag company out of Seattle. Their philosophy, 'Designed to Empower,' supplying clean water to those in need. We met at their FlagShip store in Fremont, where they invited us to the Miir Team Taco Tuesday. We brought two bags of chips and a six pack. I finally got to meet Mollie Moons, an artist I found on Instagram. Her free-spirited typography is worth a look. It was wonderful meeting likeminded people, especially those who could cook. 
A goofy guy by the name of Gabriel Gastelum was in the Seattle area. Gabriel is a photography out of LA. He loves cupcakes and cartwheels, believe me, he would tell you himself. Gabriel and I collaborated on a video together as well as taking an impromptu hike through Discovery Park. We didn't find shit. 
Making trips affordable begins with friends. Never be afraid to ask, most of the time, people love to host out-of-towners, especially when you show interest in their city. The family I stayed with didn’t know me, all they knew was I was a friend of Andy's. They welcomed me into their home and fed me. Great people. 
Seattle is a colorful and permissive place. A sense of acceptance was felt everywhere I went and people were genuinely interested in one another's pursuits. Similar to when meeting the Miir team, I had left Seattle feeling excited and inspired about my future. Where do you feel inspired?  

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  • David Stewart

    My biggest film making inspiration thank you Mark. I look forward to my future because of your videos. Please do another LA meet up I missed the one 2 years ago in Santa Monica because I didn’t have a car :/ I would love to meet you and Ethan. And if could announce it on YouTube because I don’t have any social media anymore. THANK YOU SO MUCH ?

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