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Posted by Mark Miller on

Two years ago we heard about a music festival that takes place on a 700 acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee. Our friend described the event as a community of music and art lovers living together for 4 Days and 4 Nights.

The plan was simple, shoot for 2 days, find shade, and edit. Rendering a total of two Roo-themed videos. However, sometimes things don't goes as planned. As I sat at one of the several charging stations searching for a signal, I noticed a guy across from me who resembled McLuvin (Superbad McLuvin). I quickly realized it was totally McLuvin and how foolish I was. I was at Bonnaroo, like fuck you editing.

Did someone say food? Yes, the food was amazing. Picture a field of venders waiting to shove a variety of fried foods into your starving belly. Really though, if you weren't drinking water, you were eating, and if you weren't doing those things you were wishing you were. 

The hand full of images below include the wonderful, the gorgeous, Shannon and Cammie, the greatest YouTubers/ tent neighbors you could ask for. Love people, music, and volleyball.. join us next year. 


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  • Lol you tried to edit at Bonnaroo?! Fail Mark :P I see you’re going again this year, I really want to but I need to save money first, so I’m going next year! I hope we can hang out! ;D (I’m from NZ, and I just sent you a package haha)

    Michelle Briffault on

  • Mark and Ethan……you guys are the best….I’ve enjoyed all of your videos! After watching you guys and seeing all of the genuine love you have for each other I realized what a coward I have been and how much of my life I have lived a lie without actually experiencing true love. What a waste of time! So for the first time in my life I came out to my family! I’m 62 years old….after telling my three sisters and their families I feel like i’m 20! What a relief to finally tell people who I really am. When I was younger it was not only…not excepted but sometimes dangerous to be gay. I may never experience the love you have for each other Mark and Ethan but at least now I’m no longer living the lie that has kept me alone for so many years. So THANK YOU guys for giving me the courage and the strength to be me! Love you guys!

    Tom N. on

  • I wish I can come, but I can’t because i live in europe and its far away from her but some day when I grow a bit older I’d be able to come and I’m say like in a few more years I’m 16 at the moment but hopefully when I’d be 18 or 20 I’d be in America

    Kurt on

  • Hello hello guys :)
    Somehow I stumbled upon your vlogs and instantly became obsessed!! Both Ethan and yourself have such fun lovin energies that makes it so enjoyable to watch. I have been battling with the subject of coming out to my pop whom raised me for many years, tossing and turning trying to figure out the most comforting way to express who I genially am… I watched both of your coming out vlogs and I’d just like to thank you so very much for being you and expressing to all of us what you went through. A few weeks later I spoke to my pop an came OUT to open arms and love, I truely feel the most authentic me I have EVER been IN my entire 23 years on this gorgeous earth!

    So thank you both again and absolutely all the best for your futures!! You’ll both do great things with that infectious comedic positivity!

    P.s come to Sydney for a meet and greet!!!! Aus would love you and you both would love Aus :D
    Xxx Zachary

    Zachary on

  • I love to watch your movies. like we were friends / Internet friends! You guys change the way i look about myself and everyday i passed. You have right, we should enjoy everyday cuz everyday is a great day! Simple truth.With me and my boyfriend was sam like Methan. We both meet on school trip. First we was friends, but we have some kind of connection, more than “friends”. And now we are together for more than 3yrs. And this was THE BEST 3YEARS!But I have a request, my boyfriend, Marcin has recently passed through chemotherapy. Could I ask you guys to take photo of Methan with greetings for him? I would be very grateful for this, greetings from Polish! xoxo

    Patryk on

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