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Posted by Mark Miller on

The Everyday headquarters. A space reserved for creativity, expression, and ideas. We had our eye out for a studio space in the Bloomington area, and in mid-July we caught a break. Walking back from lunch one day we noticed a "For Rent" sign in the second story window of a large limestone building. We were able to secure the room and Everyday productions had a home.

Faded pink walls lined the room, with dark green carpet squares to match. The vision for the space was simple, minimalist everything. Eight 4x2 boards were our base, four for the table, and the others for shelving. A summer oak stain to richen the natural wood is consistent throughout, even the hand-made white board fits the mold. 

Four weeks and a dozen trips to Lowe's later, we were (close to being) finished. We acquired a set of bright red bar stools to tuck below the table and a matching vase for our new pet plant, Santiago. By early September we had transformed the 13X15 room into a creatives dream-space. Feel the pain of our DIY struggles in the video.

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  • Love all the work keep it up

    hayden ramos on

  • Hey guys just want to say u guys are a real inspiration to a lot of people love your videos and snapchats would love it if u decided to come to Ireland I would really love to meet u both please consider a meet up in Ireland it’s a beautiful country to explore also xo

    Kathleen morrison on

  • Would u be interested in community art project? I have an internet to make and collect over 100 “everyday is a great day”-artwork/signs. Would u want to help me. And is there any way to send them to mark and ethan? Maybe online halu of some sort? Have a great day!

    Kevin on

  • Hi guys! Thank to you my each day is a bdtter day ;] Hey, what about coming to Ireland one day? This would be nice to have such a meet up in Dublin :)
    Meanwhile, produce as much videos as you can and don’t stop loving each other :)

    Maciek on

  • Hi guys :)

    Thank you so much for the great work you do. It helped me a lot to accept who I am and to come out to my family. Your positive energy inspires thousands of people around the world.
    Stick to your principles!

    Greetings from Switzerland

    Leo on

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