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Posted by Mark Miller on

Sophomore year of college we were told by my English professor to write a descriptive essay. The assignment: Eavesdrop on a conversation, a group preferably, take notes on what they say and how they say it, whether their talking with a purpose or just to be heard. The next day, I began the hunt for the perfect prey. My aim was to make my professor laugh, thus young and stupid were my two qualifications. I rose to the second floor of the library and a patch of fresh meat emerged. Weekend plans, giggles, and boys was the extent of my notes after an hour. I am not saying I enjoyed their conversation but I surely enjoyed the exercise. Yesterday, I set out to repeat that exercise.

Hidden under a Cincinnati Reds baseball cap lies focus and contentment. Her red locks are pulled back behind her ears with a few strays tickling her over sized coffee mug as she takes a sip. Pages flip in a thick textbook. The noisy congestion of her surroundings only pushes her further into concentration. My table is a round high top with bar stools tucked beneath it. I have the perfect vantage point. Her half-booth table is pressed against the back wall. She can see me and I can see her. I wonder if she knows I am writing about her. Maybe I should tell her. Maybe I should just continue making judgments based on the swift peeks from behind my laptop.

Standing at the faucet, my bottle fills with water. I snug the cap and return to my stool. She speaks, “I really like your socks.” Is she talking to me? Am I even wearing socks? Shit I totally am, she likes MY socks?! I avert my eyes from the bright screen to reply, “Oh thanks, yeh gotta have a little color in your life.” My bright pink with baby blue horizontal striped mid-highs on today, sock-rating, solid 8 out of 10. We exchange for a moment then she's back to her studies. As I watched the cursor blink, I felt the need to pay her a compliment back so I did. I told her that her voice reminded me of Emma Stones’. They shared the same deep raspy tone, besides the lisp. This girl did NOT have a lisp. Don’t get my wrong I love Emma Stones' lisp, but this girl did not have one. She was genuinely pleased by my compliment, I know this because she told me. She told me, “That made my day.” I made her day by telling her she sounds like an actress with a lisp. How? I mean I really appreciated the sock thing but, come on sound-a-like Emma Stone, it was just a compliment.

I am half kidding when I say that. I know a compliment can make someone's day, it’s made mine before. A single comment can produce enough joy to carry someone through the rest of their day, and the best part is, they're free, no taxes, nothing, nada. I'm not suggesting you lie to people, if they don’t have beautiful eyes, don’t tell them they have beautiful eyes. But if their vocal cords produce a heavenly rasp sending you into an eternity of cloud hopping with full grown puppy rabbits, then by all means.

To prove to you guys how much she sounded like Emma, I had to get her in the VLOG, which meant I had to tell her about this blog, which meant I was temporarily the greatest and creepiest part of her day. Just remember, smiling burns calories, and smiling usually leads to laughing, and laughing burns even more calories. And one last thing, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. #GiveMore

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  • “Don’t get my wrong I love Emma Stones’ lisp”
    Don’t get “me” wrong I love Emma Stones’ lisp,
    Just pointing out an edit.
    Love everything, just like everyone else. <3

    Yong Yang on

  • Hey guys,

    I’m french and i look at your videos for a long time, practically since one year and i just want to say thanks because thanks to you, i did my coming out and family and friends agree with that. I’m a really fan and i love you, i love your cute couple your really cute together!

    love ya, see ya , byeeee!

    gaëtan lanon on

  • Hi guys! You two are so funny and so cute! Do you ever thought of coming to brazil?? I’d really love that, lots of fans here!!

    Paloma Cristal on

  • Hi Mark and Ethan,
    I just recently started watching your vlog and I absolutely love it. I’ve started sharing the “Everyday is a great day” quote around my school and my friends think its great. I just watched your video about compliments and then read your blog article on it and it definitely made my day. It makes me want to go compliment about somebodies socks :)

    Julia on

  • Congrats on the website, it looks really clean and professional. Hope you two can forge your future with it and wish you the best of success.

    Greg Jones on

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