Ethan Hethcote

It has been a long process, but we finally have created our MERCH! We have been endlessly collaborating, designing, and researching to be sure that we created products that we are proud of and that we feel are worth selling.

We want to provide an opportunity for our subscribers to support us, while at the same time getting some swaggy, one-of-a-kind clothes. 100% of our profits will go toward funding more boyfriend adventures, so that we can keep pursuing our dream of filmmaking and spreading our message- Everyday is a Great Day.

In order to keep the costs down, we are doing everything ourselves from creating the website to individually sending out each shipment. So please be mindful and understanding of our efforts, and know that we will do our best to make this a quick and great experience for everyone.

Currently, we have a small inventory, but we will have more stock in very soon! Once we have a few orders under our belt we will be able to create a more refined inventory, thus providing a more consistent store.

Big thanks to Kitty Johnson for helping create the designs and for inspiring young artists.



  • Long Vu

    Are you guys making more hoodie?? :) Fall is here, and Winter is coming. Please make more hoodie! :) I would love to add one of your bad ass design clothing to my sweater/jacket collections. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  • AG

    i’m really wanting some shirts but don’t know where to get them, how? please!!!!!! :)

  • Dao nguyen

    Want a shirt so bad! Send me a message if u still doing this! Thanks

  • AJ

    Hi guys! I al from Spain and I want to buy a t- shirt, but I dont Know ir there are t-shirt por no? Can you help me? How can I do? And Where? Thank you guys!!

  • your big fans

    I recommend you to make bag merch with ‘everyday is a great day’ sign. You are a great couple and have inspired many people. Keep inspiring people guys and happily ever after. God bless you

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