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Dazzle Me

Posted by Ethan Hethcote on

Hey guys, Ethan here-

I want to give you a bit of backstory behind this project and share with you my process of learning a very important lesson in life.

Throughout my high school career I had my life planned to a ’T.' Go to a good college, become a business man, make lots of money, move to the beach, be happy. I was fully aware of how boring it all seemed, but I was entranced by the security of it. It was calculated, it was logical.  

Attending high school from 2008-2012 (AKA Recession freak out time), all I heard was how badly I needed to find ‘job security.' So, I would spend my free time endlessly googling things like “fastest growing career fields” and “highest average starting salaries," rather than searching where I needed to most, within myself. I became so caught up in my predetermined "success" that at one point my dream career was to be an anesthesiologist. That’s right. My dream was to spend half of my life in school, accumulating massive debt to one day finally get to be that top monetary statistic that makes people pass out before surgery…

Since that time, I’ve learned a lot about both myself and the world around me. And above all else, I learned the importance of not giving up until you discover who you are and what you want to say to the world. Unlike a google search, it’s pretty damn hard! How do you learn something about yourself that you don’t already know!?? Answer: you try.

I just finished my first half of my 3rd year of college and I have changed my major 4 times: from management to environmental science to public affairs to telecommunications. (And statistically speaking I went from a major with one of the top average starting salaries to one with probably the lowest..) Is this how I planned? Hell no. But life is not a straight line- turns out, there’s no right and wrong move! It's OKAY to take risks, it's OKAY to not know what the fuck is going to happen. That's pretty much the point of it all... What really matters is to always try and make the most out of every opportunity that presents itself in front of you. Do that relentlessly and you will find your voice. One way or another, persistence begets passion.

The first time I heard Oh Wonder’s song, “Dazzle,” it hit me hard. Not only because it’s an awesome song by a talented group, but because it eerily reverberated my almost exact thoughts and sentiments. "Not in it for the money, just in it for the thrill." So when one of my film classes required making a short film for the final project, I got the idea to create a music video and share my artistic interpretation of the song. Throughout the whole process I had an incredible time creating and collaborating with some really talented people- I know that I’m where I’m supposed to be. I put a lot of myself into this video and I couldn’t be happier to be able to share it with you.



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    Shawnturne on

  • Your words are quite motivating, Ethan. I wish to find my own niche but it’s quite hard and taking risks is a horror-come-live for me. Wish to find what I really wanna do on one fine day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Take care.

    Suraj on

  • The part you wrote about life not being a straight line is so accurate! Have you ever seen a lecture by Andy Stoll? He describes how he was in the same situation (had life all planned out) and realized that’s not how it goes most of the time. He says you have to take all the little opportunities in life to truly figure out what you want. You should check him out!

    Allison on

  • You do know this song is about smoking weed.

    jake on

  • i love this song and now its going to be on repeat all the time. i’m a new viewer and i was obsessed straight away, you guys are so inspiring and i hope one day i will get to meet and hang out with you guys, soon.

    ChrisG on

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