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2,104 Miles from Home

Posted by Mark Miller on

In early October we began planning a trip to Los Angeles for a variety of random reasons, the first being an event called Halloweenie. It’s a fundraiser held downtown LA benefiting the Alive Music Project, It Gets Better, and Outside Voices. Prior to our departure, we had constructed our costumes; the semi-retired super heroes from Spongebob, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. The night of the event, I didn't feel well so unfortunately we had to leave the event before the fun started. On the bright side, we were still able to raise $2,000 for the ‘Party with a Purpose' and wish to participate again in 2015.

The highlight of the trip was hands down the viewer meet-up on Santa Monica Pier with nearly 100 LA locals. It was a great reminder of the lengths our viewers will go to show their support. As the sun set, we felt blessed to have experienced such a beautiful moment with people who share a similar passion for life. (video)

Once we got our footing in LA, we had the opportunity to work with talented portrait and lifestyle photographer, Gabriel Gastelum. Known for working with YouTuber’s such as Miranda Sings, Ben Brown, and Fun for Louis, you could say we were a bit jazzed for the opportunity. Below, we've included a handful of images from the shoot.

We ended our West Coast adventure with a visit to the YouTube space. The building was transformed from an old airplane hanger which gave it an impressive sense of scale. To get a feeling for this state of the art production facility, check out our guided tour video.

Well that's it, thanks for checking out the site, means the world to us! Also, a huge thanks to Ryan Kenney and his boyfriend Tyler for accommodating us during our stay. XO



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  • Hey Mark and Ethan, I just wanted to say a little something I noticed the other day, while I was catching up on some of y’alls videos, I realized I hadn’t looked at how many subscribers y’all had since I subscribed at around 36,000. When I saw that there are almost 550,000 people that have been lucky enough to find you crazy, amazing, inspirational, and just plain great two people, I just about fell out of my chair. Thank you two for being as amazing as y’all have been. You two are so inspirational, and this is best way I know how to put it, y’all are goals. Also please come to louisville sometime!

    Seth Moseley on

  • You guys are simply awesome. Dying to meet you both one fine day.


    xylex on

  • If someone looks at me the way you two look at each other, I would never let them go, you have such amazing chemistry between you two, and it shows in all your vlogs and pictures, wishing you all the best in your life as individuals and as a couple!

    Vicky on

  • Your videos are magical.it touches not only personality but it touches the emotion and heart of the viewers.well done.you are the best.truly inspiring and full of positivity.

    Naufal Azhar on

  • You both are the Greek gods that slay this world. I’m in love with your videos.

    Rafael Santos on

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