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My 50mm Canon Lens

Posted by Mark Miller on

For a very small investment, you can have one of the best upgrades you can make for your camera. On the search for a new lens, I came across this compact cutie, Canon's EF 50mm 1.8 II. For around $100, purchasing this lens isn’t a difficult choice to make and with a f/1.8, it excels in low light conditions while producing sharp, noise-free images. Another advantage is its size, since it’s a prime lens there very few moving parts which allows for a light construction. Although this lens is small, it's not perfect. Using the auto focus is the biggest challenge but once you became familiar with the auto focus points, it makes life much easier.

Below are some examples of what the 50mm is capable of fresh out of the box. The blurred lights strung above our bed is due to the extreme shallow depth of field achieved by the wide aperture. Although, I tend to shoot a few f/ stops above the widest aperture of 1.8 (around 2.8) for optimal sharpness and clarity.

You can really get a sense of the the shallow depth of field in this next image.

The image below was shot at f/13 (small aperture) with an exposure of 3.2 seconds. The red streaks are brakes lights from passing cars in Bloomington's city square. I wanted to include this image as a reference to the versatility of the lens, though I'm sure there are better choices to use for long exposure photography.

You can see the fun we had with this lens in our 'Testing New Camera Lens' video, or if you'd like to see what the lens can do for video, check out Ethan’s new music video, Dazzle. The 50 helped achieve a pleasing aesthetic to a simple composition such as Maddie's face (below) by blurring the hanging lights known as a bokeh effect. Ethan’s eloquent vision for this project was clear and I think it shows in the final product. The development of the video is impressive from both a narrative and visual perspective and I am so proud of heeeem:)

Thanks for checking out our website and if you decide to treatyoself to this lens, I promise you won't regret it xo.

Canon 50mm 1.8 II

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  • Love this little piece you have. I have been wanting to play in photography and your piece here opened my eyes a little to aperture and shutter speed and such, I have the standard 35mm lens that came with my Canon Rebel XS but that 50mm looks like it will make photography fun with playing with depth of field.

    Adam Schubert on

  • Are you using a Full Frame camera or a Crop Sensor? What camera model?

    Cody on

  • Hey
    I did buy it actually also seeing your post and also talking with a friend that do some photography. Now i’m ready to shout, just ned to get used to not being able to zoom hehe
    Ciao from Barcelona, Spain.
    Come to Europe, come to Spain! :)

    Gregous on

  • I wish you would post more of your photos you take with your camera on this blog. I would love to see them!

    George Leone on

  • Thanks for the tip Mark!
    I was considering buying this lens. I am going to use for shooting my drawing tutorials on my new YouTube channel. Keep up the good work guys! Love your videos! Greetings from The Netherlands

    Stefan de Groot on

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